About James Frederic Cox

  • Former Santa Clara County Family Law Settlement Officer
  • Over 14,000 Divorce Settlement Conferences
  • Former Certified Family Law Specialist
  • Practice Focused in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties


If your family law matter (e.g., a divorce proceeding) would benefit from the intensive attention, flexibility and cost-efficiency that a private neutral can provide, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can easily be reached at:

Email: privatejudge@yahoo.com

Telephone: (408) 666-1865
Fax:  (831) 600-8254

P.O. Box 66283
Scotts Valley, CA 95067

Photo of James Frederic Cox, Private Judge

Check out this article on the Shriver-Schwarzenegger divorce:
Haven't heard much lately about this divorce? That's probably because Shriver and Schwarzenegger are using a Private Judge!

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