To help you become familiar with James Frederic Cox's training, education, and experience, here is a synopsis of his 33 year legal career.

James Frederic Cox was born and educated in Kansas (KU Law), then spent eight years as an Air Force Judge Advocate General, trying over 100 cases. He moved to San Jose in 1984, and practiced exclusively family law. He also studied for his MBA at SJSU while teaching ethics and other subjects there for about eight more years. He was a Certified Family Law Specialist until he was employed by Family Court.

After his employment in 1997, he became what is called the Family Court Settlement Officer, a position unique to Santa Clara County, where he conducted judicially supervised settlement conferences about 6 times a day — over 12,000 during his tenure of 8 years. He retired in 2005 and has his own practice as a professional neutral, serving as All Purpose Judge, Settlement Judge, Arbitrator, or Referee for such issues as property settlement, support, discovery, custody, and case management.

Over the years, he has made numerous educational presentations, on such diverse subjects as negotiation tactics and techniques, property valuation and division, real estate processes within the context of dissolutions, analytical determination of the marital standard of living for spousal support, and trial techniques in family law. He also was privileged to receive the Henry B. Collada award in 2002 for Outstanding Contributions to the Practice of Family Law in Santa Clara County.

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